Our Materials Properties are Tailored to Your Needs

All 3D-Set materials are developed and produced by TIGITAL® 3D-Set.
We have the capability to adjust the mechanical, thermal and physical properties of our materials to meet your needs in the most elegant and most efficient way possible. In addition, the surface of your parts can be finished with TIGER Drylac® powder coatings.

Printing Know-How for First-Class solutions

Open state-of-the-art-printing platforms are used for the development of our materials and for testing. We ensure highest quality and compatibility with your own systems.
If you need a printer on site or want to add a printer to increase your production capacity, contact us and we will instantly connect you with one of our professional partners.

Find the material to meet your requirements


Our Materials


Sarah Seiringer

Sarah Seiringer

Product Manager and New Business Development Manager 3D-Print

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