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15-18.11.2022, Hall 11.0 booth B29

TIGITAL 3D_Set @ Austrian 3D-Printing Forum

Techgate Vienna April 7th 2022

Presentation of Duroplastic SLS material fulfilling Flame retardant requirement ECE R118

3D GOES INDUSTRIAL: Fahrzeuginnenraum-Bauteile mit Flammschutz nach ECE R118 (sorry German only!)​​​​​​​

#Success-Story: High-tech thermosets from the 3D printer

Today, high-performance polymers are indispensable as functional components in any field. TIGITAL 3D-Set enables thermosets with the highest functionality to be produced quickly and easily in 3D printing. The globally unique development of TIGER Coatings was supported by the FFG Basic Program. Read the full story here​​​​​​​!

Webinar "World's first thermoset solution for SLS technology" in cooperation with FARSOON

In this webinar from February 18, 2020, you will learn about how the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology with thermoset material can expand your functional applications and end-use-parts manufacturing to the next level - in automotive, electronics, aerospace and transportation sectors, with extraordinary advantages offering new features in thermal and mechanical performance.

You missed it? Watch the entire presentation here​​​​​​​ or download the PDF​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.


Farsoon and TIGER Coatings announce innovative partnership to develop thermoset material solutions for laser sintering

TIGER Coatings | Wels | 09 November 2020

Farsoon Europe GmbH, Stuttgart, and TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co. KG, Wels, Nov 9th 2020 --- Industrial-grade additive manufacturing machine supplier Farsoon and 3D material solution innovator TIGER jointly announce the successful development of thermoset material TIGITAL® 3D-Set 371 for plastic laser sintering on Farsoon’s HT252P platform. A key feature of parts fabricated with these powders is the flame retardancy, which is a major need for innovation for enabling functional applications. The innovative partnership combines TIGER’s expertise in thermoset material engineering and surface finishing solutions, with Farsoon’s truly open plastic additive manufacturing platform to offer a novel material-machine solution for expanding industrial markets. 

Announced earlier in November 2019, TIGER and 3D-printing parts manufacturer Ricoh Products UK started a collaborative partnership on materials, processing, and application development to offer end-to-end additive manufacturing services. With intensive joint material development on Farsoon’s ST252P systems at and TIGER, new generation of high performance, flame-retardant thermoset material TIGITAL® 3D-Set PPP 371 will be formally introduce to the market by end of November, 2020. To celebrate the launch of this new material, Ricoh and TIGER hosted a webinar session offering an overview on the capabilities and advantages of 3D printed thermoset material for end-use parts.

TIGER TIGITAL®’s innovative PPP 371 thermoset material solutions for additive manufacturing offers end-use functional parts with extraordinary thermal and mechanical performance, good electronic isolation, superior dimensional stability, and chemical resistance which enable industrial applications and projects amongst automotive, electronics, transportation, and aerospace industries. The low printing temperatures of the material is in line with an environmentally friendly production process. In addition, the innovative TIGITAL® 3D-Set PPP 371 solution is able to produce brilliant, full-colored functional parts with optimal laser sintering quality.

Thanks to the versatile and truly open Farsoon HT252P platform, the development cycle of this advanced thermoset material is greatly accelerated. The fast scanning speed of HT252P enables rapid batch production cycle of testing parts within less than 6 hours. The compact, versatile platform size of 250×250 mm is an optimal fit for new material development at an economic cost and minimal powder waste. Farsoon’s truly open platform, featuring an advanced “parameter-editor” included in the software package offers TIGER the maximum operational flexibility and capability in developing customized parameters combinations during the development process.

“We want to develop our products on SLS printers that meet the highest industry standards. Farsoon's HT252P meets the industry standard and enables us to save resources and time in the development of new products. The cooperation with Farsoon and Farsoon's HT252P with open platform has accelerated our development of thermoset materials.” explains Dr. Baris Kaynak, Global Product Manager TIGITAL® 3D-Set.

“We have had many meetings with industrial partners requesting part properties for functional applications, often this includes fire resistance while keeping elastic properties high.” explains Dr. Dirk Simon, Managing Director of Farsoon Europe GmbH. “We are so delighted to collaborate with TIGER in these directions. TIGER has tremendous formulation know-how for achieving brilliant solutions for serving functional applications.”


About TIGER:

TIGER Coatings was founded in 1930 from a paint shop and today is an internationally active family owned and professionally run business with 8 production sites worldwide, 3 research & development centers and a sales network in about 50 countries. Headquartered in Wels, Austria, the company generated sales of 300 million euros in 2019 with 1,260 employees.

The high-quality coating solutions from TIGER – powder coating and digital inks for industrial printing systems – guarantee long-term value retention and are used, for example, on facades, car wheels, furniture, refrigerators or machines. With TIGITAL® 3D-Set, TIGER drives innovation and offers completely new thermoset materials for SLS 3D printing.


About Farsoon:

OPEN FOR INDUSTRY- Farsoon Technologies, founded in 2009 in China, is a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial polymer and metal laser sintering systems, with increasing growth in the international market, with direct operation from Farsoon Americas CORP based in Austin, Texas, USA and Farsoon Europe GmbH based in Stuttgart, Germany. Farsoon is committed to developing truly open additive manufacturing platform machines towards its true industrial potential and providing customers with best-in-class solutions for machine, materials, software, applications and services. Working closely with industry partners, Farsoon has developed a comprehensive portfolio of industrial grade plastic laser sintering and metal laser melting machines to suit the need of a wide range of industries.

Innovative Collaboration TIGER Coatings and Impossible Objects

Impossible Objects​​​​​​​ and TIGER​​​​​​​'s TIGITAL®​​​​​​​ 3D Materials​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Team collaborate on the development of additively manufactured composite materials based on thermoset polymers

TIGER Coatings | Wels | 18 November 2019

TIGER, the global innovator in 3D material solutions and manufacturer of TIGER high-quality surface solutions, will collaborate with the US 3D printer producer Impossible Objects to develop revolutionary thermoset based 3D printed composites. This cooperation will widely expand the use of additive manufacturing in several industries like aerospace or automotive.
Impossible Objects, headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, has developed an innovative 3D printing technology that can print composite objects using layers of high-performance, lightweight materials like carbon fiber. This composite-based additive manufacturing process, “CBAM,” is substantially faster than any existing process and can produce functional parts with significantly better mechanical properties than existing polymer-based methods.
For the CBAM process, a wide range of thermoplastic polymer binders is used. So far, no Thermoset Materials have been used or offered in the market. Thermoset materials have the advantage over thermoplastics, to always remain in a permanent solid-state, demonstrating outstanding isotropic performance, dimension stability, enhanced mechanical properties, and adjustable flame retardant behavior. An essential further advantage of thermoset composites is their low density, which makes the components substantially lighter than conventional construction materials like metal alloys. Therefore, this new 3D printed thermoset based composite will be instrumental to fulfill the future needs for automotive and aircraft construction.

About Impossible Objects:
Impossible Objects is a 3D printer and materials company pioneering advancements in the additive manufacturing and composites manufacturing industries. Our composite-based additive manufacturing technology (CBAM) is an entirely new process that is fundamentally different from conventional additive manufacturing technologies. CBAM parts are stronger, lighter, with better temperature performance, and are more durable than those made by other additive manufacturing technologies and are available with a broader selection of materials, including carbon fiber and fiberglass paired with Nylon and PEEK, and can be made at speeds more than 10 times faster than with other additive manufacturing processes. Learn more!​​​​​​​

About TIGER:
TIGER​​​​​​​ is a Blue Ocean innovation leader in the 3 regions of North America, Asia and Europe for 3D Print Materials, TIGITAL® Inks and Coatings – Powder and Liquid. Founded as paint shop in Wels, Austria, in 1930 the company’s structure today features an internationally active, family owned and professionally run business with 8 production sites worldwide and a sales network in about 50 countries.
Headquartered in Wels, Austria, the company generated 2018 sales of 295 million euros with 1,300 TIGERs (employees). Over 150 TIGERs powering the groups R&D in 3 research & development centers in Wels (Austria), Shanghai (China) and St. Charles (Illinois). TIGER has the privilege to tap into the wealth of over 50 years of proprietary know-how and expertise in polymertechnology – specifically in the production and processing of thermoset materials. The high-quality coating solutions from TIGER – powder coating and digital inks for industrial printing systems – guarantee long-term value retention and are used 360° in the manufacturing industry, for example on facades, car wheels, furniture, agricultural and construction equipment or industrial machines. With TIGITAL® 3D Materials, TIGER drives innovation and offers completely new thermoset materials for additive manufacturing.


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