Explore how SLS 3D printing using TIGITAL® 3D-Set Premium Performance Polymer (PPP) 371/8000​5​​​​​​ has enabled the creation of realistic noise barrier prototypes with photovoltaic modules. more

Discover how TIGITAL® 3D-Set TPP 371/80005, an innovative duroplastic-based material, enables the creation of UV-resistant SLS 3D printed motorcycle spare parts. more

Discover how TIGITAL® 3D-Set TPP 371/80006, a top performance polymer, enables the creation of durable faucet rings through SLS 3D printing. more

Explore the innovative use of TIGITAL® 3D-Set for creating flame-retardant 3D printed interior components for buses and commercial vehicles. Join the revolution in cost-effective, customized solutions for commercial vehicle interiors with TIGITAL®… more

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