Project description

Industry/application group:

Design components for interior decorating



Top Performance Polymer (TPP) 371/8000​6​​​​​​


Durable faucet rings with excellent chemical resistance printed with an SLS 3D printer for design components in bathrooms and restrooms. With a top quality surface finish in a wide range of colors and effects.

Challenges: chemical resistance, coating suitability, and dimensional stability

Transforming an idea into reality: the bathrooms and restrooms of the new Ultimate Transportation Europe company building in Amstetten, Austria, were to be embellished by a special design element. The company sought high-quality solutions for fitting components that would combine function and design into a harmonious whole – all to be planned by a team of architects down to the tiniest detail.

In view of the small quantities involved, an innovative manufacturing process and suitable plastics were needed. The complex customer requirements for the fitting spacer rings were also highly demanding. As they will be used in high humidity areas, the manufactured components had to be highly resistant to chemicals, suitable for coating, and dimensionally stable.

The solution: SLS 3D printing with the top performance polymers of the TIGITAL® TPP 371/80006 series.

Fitting spacer rings from a 3D printer

The component requirements ranged from individualization options incorporating the company logo to high surface quality for subsequent coating. In addition, many technical parameters had to be considered:

  • high chemical resistance to acids and bases
  • durability
  • small batch production using additive manufacturing
  • powder coating without the need for additional pretreatment of the component
  • high dimensional stability in order to stay within tolerances

Coated, printed, and delivered

SLS components printed with TIGITAL® TPP 371/80006 can subsequently be refined with TIGER Drylac® powder coatings and/or customized with digital inks from TIGITAL® Inks. This improves the appearance, mechanical properties, and service life of the object.

“We are delighted to have found a manufacturer of SLS materials who supports us in implementing our ideas – TIGITAL® 3D-Set. Not only were the requirements very high, especially in terms of aesthetics, but invisible material properties affecting chemical resistance also had to be taken into account.”

Lorenz Schmoll | System Engineer R&D, Ultimate Transportation Europe GmbH


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